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Let our fun ambassadors guide your guests with these great pose ideas for the photo booth. Acting crazy and┬ásilly faces are a crowd fav, and our ever changing selection of fun props help too, but we’ve got some ideas to help your guests create some pretty amazing booth photos. Send this around to your guests so when they get to your wedding or event they are primed and ready with pose ideas! So here we go, in no particular order. Our favorite photo booth poses…

Poses for couples

There are lots of poses a couple can do beyond just standing there with your arm around your mate. We love the smooch, surprise kiss, jump in the air or into your arms (action shots are great!), creating a heart shape between two hands, bride and groom sandwich (nom nom), reeling in your catch, and blowing kisses at each other. We’ve even had pregnancy announcements and a surprise engagement!

Girl power

There is nothing more fun than a group of girls in a booth (sorry dudes, they ladies are┬ájust better at it!) So strike a pose like the best girl groups out there. We’re thinking Charlie’s Angels, Spice Girls, Supermodel poses, or powerful Super Heroines.

Getting together with the guys

Ok, the gents can get pretty creative in the booth too. Show us your best bro poses, flex your guns, stage a fake fight, pose like a boy band, group high five (in mid air if you can time it!), Football Endzone dances, pick a someone up and lay them across the group, leap frog, etc.

Time to go solo

Going solo can be fun too. Here are just a few ideas… You could always do the super “emo” pose the same in each photo, walk the “stairs” from right to left, zoom in to the camera in each shot, act out a fake windy day, slo-mo action, mug shot, blow kisses at the camera, or just kill two birds with one stone and down your drink in each shot.

Show us your best dance moves

You’ve got multiple shots, show us your best dance moves! This works really well with our animated GIF option. In each shot, complete a different step of the Running Man, Lawnmower, Macarana, Walking like an Egyptian, Chicken Dance, The Robot, Thriller, Harlem Shake, Gagnam Style, you get the idea.

The more the merrier

Got 4 or more people? Head on down to the Y-M-C-A, re-enact famous movie and TV scenes, throw a dance party, walk through as a train (from the dance floor), rollercoaster ride, bar fight action, everyone does a different angry face, happy, laughing, duck lips, serious, surprised, tongue out, etc.

Use some of theses ideas and you’re guaranteed to have some of the best booth pose pics of all time.

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